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Brand Activations

What is it?

Literally speaking, Brand Activations is activating your brand. This means that you draw attention to a brand or product and build on your brand identity. Seeing the large supply and the many competitors it is important to make your brand or product stand out to the consumer. This is less obvious than it seems but Brand Activations can definitely help you out.

The goal of Brand Activations is to put the product or brand in the spotlights and thereby build a relationship with your customers. By seeking interaction with the consumer, we create a 'unique experience'. During this experience, the consumer has a physical contact with the product or brand. This gives the brand a positive impression, which stimulates the buying process.

Why it works

It is important to thoroughly analyse your target group and brand when you want to apply Brand Activations. That's the only way to get the most out of it. Brand Activations is effective because you specifically respond to the needs of the consumer, in this way they live the experience even more intensely. This ensures that the customer certainly remembers you. In addition, the consumer has physical contact with the product or brand. This stimulates interest and trial (purchase), which will later lead to further growth in loyalty.

Check out our cases here​.

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