Brand Activations

Sodastream Pride

Locations: , OUTtv

Client: Sodastream (PepsiCo)

Brand Activation: We produced a covid-19 proof pool party with exciting beats from DJ Thierry von der Warth, fun around the pool (including drag queen Lola McQueen, who became famous for Belgium's Got Talent), and festive mocktails: SodaStream will make sure we can celebrate the Amsterdam/Antwerp Pride at home, this summer with a covid-19 proof pool party on TV and online!

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6. handen mob sjaaltjes -img_061.jpg

Jumanji: The Next Level

Locations: Dutch ComicCon Utrecht, Kinepolis Utrecht, The Netherlands

Client: Universal , Kinepolis NL

Brand Activation: To launch the new Jumanji movie we created a captivating 360 video booth with a magnificient decoration and background. The visitors could step right into the movie and feel like they're a part of it.


Ghost Recon: Breakpoint

Locations: GameForce Mechelen, Facts Gent, Belgium

Client: Ubisoft

Brand Activation: A one of a kind photobooth was made to launch the new Ghost Recon videogame. Visitors had the ability to play the video game and step the shoes of the main character while making an immersive slowmotion 360 video, dirtectly shared to their phone.


Men In Black International

Locations: Facts Flanders Expo Ghent Belgium 

Client: Sony Pictures Belgium

Brand Activation: Shoot & share challenge experience Belgium

Popcorn Revenge

Locations: Walibi Wavre Belgium 

Client: Compagnie des Alpes

Brand Activation: Brand activation for a new attraction at Walibi Belgium

Popcorn Revenge


Star Wars Laser Adventure

Locations: Carrefour Belgium

Client: The Walt Disney Company

Brand Activation: Tour bus with Star Wars Experience.


The Walking Dead 

Locations: Antwerp, Gent, Hasselt, Leuven in Belgium

Client: Fox 

Brand Activation: Experience Box (walk through) decorated with zombies. People on the outside can grab the persons who are inside through sleeves.

Baywatch The Movie

Locations: Kinepolis Belgium

Client: Paramount Pictures

Brand Activation: Treadmill with Baywatch background. People are filmed while running and can share this film in slow motion on social media.


Jimmy's Popcorn

Locations: Pathé, The Netherlands

Client: Jimmy's Popcorn

Brand Activation: Huge popcorn that people can hug. They could win goodies by posting their picture on social media.


Violetta Audition Tour

Locations: Heizel Brussels (Belgium), Sportpaleis Antwerp (Belgium), JBC Group Belgium, Dreamland Belgium, Carrefour (The Netherlands), Ahoy (The Netherlands), Toy Champ (The Netherlands)

Client: Disney Channel

Brand Activation: Karaoke bus tour with recording studio and concerts of Violetta.


Marvel Avengers Experience

Locations: Dreamland Belgium, Broze Jouets Belgium, Carrefour Belgium and The Netherlands, Cora The Netherlands, Disney Channel Summer Tour Belgium

Client: The Walt Disney Company

Brand Activation: Meet & greet with The Avengers characters. Opportunity to play a demo of the PS4 game.


Jurrasic World

Locations: Kinepolis Belgium, Pathé The Netherlands, FACTS Flanders Expo Gent Belgium

Client: Kinepolis, Pathé

Brand Activation: Photo booth with car, dinos are released and walk around with guard.


Far Cry 5

Locations: Antwerp, FACTS Gent, Belgium

Client: Ubisoft 

Brand Activation: Launch press event and fair stand at FACTS in Flanders Expo Gent.


Fast 8

Locations: Kinepolis

Client: Universal Pictures

Brand Activation: To launch the new Fast and the Furious 8, we created an immersive experience.


Locations: Utopolis, Kinepolis (Belgium & Luxembourg)

Client: Sony Pictures

Brand Activation: Photo Booth with Ghostbusters car.


Beauty & The Beast - The Enchanted Rose Tour

Locations: C&A (Belgium & Luxembourg)

Client: The Walt Disney Company

Brand Activation: Photo in glass bell with red rose petals and one white rose petal. If someone can catch the one white rose petal they can win a film ticket for the movie.


Assassin's Creed Origins

Locations: Facts Flanders Expo Gent Belgium, First Look Utrecht The Netherlands, Gameforce Eindhoven The Netherlands

Client: Ubisoft

Brand Activation: Fair stand with opportunity to play the game or to take a picture in a Assassin's Creed throne.


Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

4D VR-Experience

Locations: Kinepolis Dordrecht, Utrecht, Breda, Almere, Enschede

Client: Kinepolis NL

Brand Activation: Booth to experience Jurassic World II in 4D by means of VR glasses, a vibration plate, wind blowers and the smell of an erupted volcano.

Kinepolis Dino Walk

Locations: Kinepolis Antwerpen, Brussel, Hasselt, Kortrijk, Luxembourg

Client: Kinepolis BE

Brand Activation: A lifelike dinosaur that attracts the attention of the crowd to promote the new film of Jurassic World.


Assassin's Creed Odyssey

Locations: Facts Flanders Expo Ghent Belgium, GameForce 2018 Mechelen

Client: Ubisoft

Brand Activation: Fair stand with opportunity to play the game and to take a picture with a Assassin's Creed character.


Kingdom Hearts 3

Locations: Facts Flanders Expo Ghent Belgium, FirstLook Utrecht Netherlands, GameForce 2018 Mechelen

Client: Square Enix

Brand Activation: Fair stand with opportunity to play the game and take a picture with our photobooth.


Nexxworks Bootcamp

Locations: Ghelamco Arena Ghent Belgium

Client: Nexxworks

Brand Activation: Bootcamp in Arabian style for Nexxworks.


Free Record Shop Mobile Shop

Locations: The coast, theme parks and big cities throughout Belgium

Client: Free Record Shop

Brand Activation: Mobile shop




Disney Licensee Meeting

Location: Zuiderkroon Antwerp, Belgium

Client: The Walt Disney Company

Event: Organisation and show production of Disney's Licensee Meeting.

Inauguration Pulsar 

Location: Walibi Wavre, Belgium

Client: Compagnie des Alpes

Event: Opening event Attraction Pulsar.


CCV 20 Years VIP Event

Location: Lernout & Hauspie, Ieper, Belgium

Client: CCV 

Event: Organisation 20th anniversary VIP event for CCV


CENTR Awards

Location: Bibliothèque solvay, Brussels, Belgium

Client: Centr

Event: Organisation award ceremony for Centr


Inex Family Day

LocationInex Bavegem, Belgium

Client: Inex

Event: Organisation of the Inex Family Day for staff and their family.

IAAPA Attractions Expo

Location: Göteborg

Client: IAAPA

Event: Organisation of the opening ceremony of the trade fair and leadership breakfast.


Inauguration Exotic World 

Location: Walibi Wavre Belgium

Client: Compagnie des Alpes

Event: Exclusive VIP event to highlight the new themed area and attraction of Walibi.

TechnoVips Awards 2018

Location: Sint-Katelijne-Waver

Client: VIBAM

Event: Award show for high school students who proudly presented their invention and final project to a professional jury.


Kempen Kamp

LocationNetepark, Herentals

Client: Toerisme Kempen

Event: Opening event touristic season Antwerp/Kempen

Inauguration Dawson duel

Location: Bellewaerde

Client: Compagnie des Alpes

Event: The launch of a new attraction for family and friends


Show Productions


Location: Attractiepark Toverland, The Netherlands

Client: Attractiepark Toverland 

Show Production: Family show full of acrobatics and breathtaking stunts, culminating in a trampoline-act with a 7 meter high jump.


Nighttime Spectacular

Location: Bellewaerde, Ieper, Belgium

Client: Compagnie des Alpes

Show Production: Family show with spectacular fire acts.



Location: Belgium's Got Talent

Client: Imagenie

Show Production: Dance act with magic tricks


Jackie Moon & The Revenge Of The Puppets

Location: Fort Fun, Bestwig, Germany

Client: Compagnie des Alpes

Show Production: Horror show with magic tricks. 

Tala Takenya & The Forbidden Forrest

Location: Fort Fun, Bestwig, Germany

Client: Compagnie des Alpes

Show Production: Cowboy & indians show with acrobatic and fire stunts. 


Train Stuntshow

Location: Fort Fun, Bestwig, Germany

Client: Compagnie des Alpes

Show Production: Cowboy & indians spectacle, shown by train.


Suske en Wiske Theatre show

Location: Antwerp, Belgium

Client: Comics station Antwerp

Show Production: Playful and fun children's show.



Location: Gothenburg, Sweden

Client: IAAPA

Show Production: Opening ceremony

Sea Lion Show

Location: Blankenberge (Belgium)

Client: Sea Life

Show Production: New sea lion show


Walkthrough Experiences


Locations: Walibi Belgium Wavre

Client: Compagnie des Alpes 

Brand Activation: Nagulai tells the story of a horrific Indian princess in a magnificent setting. 


The Curse Of Amun

Locations: Walibi Belgium Wavre

Client: Compagnie des Alpes 

Brand Activation: Walkthrough experience. During Halloween 2019 we've build a scary maze in Walibi Belgium Wavre. Visitors could enjoy The Curse Of Amun.


Project Ningyo

Locations: Moviepark, Bottrop Germany

Client: Parques Reunidos

Brand Activation: During Halloween 2019 we build an immersive Halloween maze in a laboratory theme. Project Ningyo promises eternal youth but there's
a horrible secret behind that promise.

Freak Circus

Locations: Plopsaland De Panne

Client: Studio 100

Brand Activation: During Halloween 2018 two scary mazes were build in Plopsaland De Panne. Visitors could enjoy a freak circus and a zombie camping.


Campus 't Zonnetje

Locations: Plopsaland De Panne

Client: Studio 100

Brand Activation: During Halloween 2018 two scary mazes were build in Plopsaland De Panne. Visitors could enjoy a freak circus and a zombie camping.

La Colère d'Anubis

Location: Parc Astérix, Plailly, France

Client: Compagnie des Alpes

Show Production: Terrifying halloween maze in an Egyptian theme.


Set Designs


Trudo Feesten

Location: Sint-Truiden, Belgium

Client: BDF Projects

Show Production: Partial design of the decor.


Disney's - Beauty & The Beast

Location: Stadsschouwburg, Antwerp, Belgium

Client: Fisheye/Marmelade

Show Production: Partial design of the decor.


Escape Rooms

Zombie Escape Room

Location: Herentals

Escape Room: 'Zombie Escape' Room Belgium is a real-life escape experience where the concept is simple: you are locked in a ‘Janitor’s Closet’-themed room, with only 60 minutes to make it out before the Zombie Apocalypse gets you.




KVDS-20200815-184802-Hasselblad X1D.jpg
KVDS-20200815-173835-Hasselblad X1D.jpg

Boat BQ

Location: Jachthaven Herentals

Boat BQ: Gastronomic enjoyment on the Kempen canal
For two hours you and your friends/family can take a trip on the canal while enjoying a delicious breakfast, brunch or barbeque. You control the electric motor and determine your own route. The boats have built-in lights and bluetooth music connection.


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