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Production Pirates brings Halloween Scare Nights to another level

BELGIUM, Herentals, Antwerp / USA Clermont, FL (October 31st, 2018) - Production Pirates, the Belgium based and independent, international award winning show and theatre production company, specialised in the theme park/leisure business and themed brand activation experiences created two unique and temporally scare mazes, exclusively for Belgium's Nr.1 theme park, Plopsaland De Panne to level up their annual Halloween event during the first edition of the Scare Nights, adding 2 brand new attractions at (designated) 16+ areas in the park.

"It was a long time ago that a supplier could surprise me again. Production Pirates has succeeded in this. As soon as they accepted this assignment, we felt very comfortable. The execution was perfect, the cooperation with our own team went smoothly and the result was amazing. "- Sebastien Momerency (Marketing, Digital & Creative Director Plopsa Group)

"Plopsa asked us to step away from their typical light-hearted Halloween entertainment, suited for small children and family guests and create two unique experiences for an older audience (16+/ teens) and real horror aficionados so they could also experience all types of intense fun and fear in this duo cluster of scare mazes, existing out of an indoor area (Freak Circus) and outdoor zone (Campground 'T Zonneke)." - David Stuyck (Creative Captain & Managing Director Production Pirates)

"The park insisted on giving us free rein to choose whatever course of action we wanted to create, as well as for the inside as outdoor scare zone, within two given themes. For us this is the most eagerly awaited entertainement season of the entire year so we were more than happy to accept this assignment." Technically seen we've integrated more than 20(!) different show controlled sound & light zones to create several themed atmospheres" - Marc Broeders ( Technical Captain & Managing Director Production Pirates)

"We were extremely thrilled to finally partner up with Plopsa this year to create these two, very detailed, themed haunted mazes, which resonates with our strong commitment to bringing nothing but the best entertainment experience for our client’s park guests. In terms of decorations & scares, we really did every effort to help them to be soaked in several monstrously crazy and horrifying atmospheres in the 16+ designated areas of the theme park." - David Stuyck (Creative Captain & Managing Director Production Pirates)

Freak Circus is bound to show guests their deepest fears and provide them with unique excitements as the escaped tiger, a mad crazy ringmaster and more fatal snares such as the slasher clown who awaits to evoke psychological terror for all guests. He has laid out his infamous jokes and tricks, for guests to experience firsthand and witness his search for live human flesh. Guests will also be trapped by dark hallways, a mirror maze with jack-in-the-box clowns where it is up to the guests to discover which one is real …

Campground 'T Zonneke, the once so family friendly and frequently visited campground lies now quiet and desolate, but nothing is what is seems because guests must be aware that the remaining inhabitants after a zombie attack will turn hellish on them, as soon as the sun goes down at 18:00h and the entrance gate of the infected campground opens for new victims, witch covers this site with guaranteed scares for guests 16+ and up.

All guests attending both scare mazes, really need to be ready to shiver with some unparalleled zombie encounters at "Campground ’T Zonneke" and face their infinite fears when they meet the horrifying freaks of the circus. Production Pirates has tried to created a never-ending cycle of fear, thrills and countless scares for Plopsa’s first 16+ scare mazes, making Plopsa’s Halloween event bigger and scarier than ever!

Production Pirates and the Plopsa Group are bound to expand their collaboration also in the upcoming park season, creating more high-end themed entertainment for their park(s)...

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