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Do you want to reach a lot of people in an effective and unique way? Belgian Promo Bikes offers you the perfect solution. It’s an upcoming trend whereby you can reach hundreds of people in a split-second. Perfect for your product, service, special offer, communication or bargain.


Why Promo Bikes?

Because of their unique design they quickly draw attention and isn’t that what you want as a brand? Despite the simple and ergonomic design, they still have a high-quality look to them. We offer you a specific way to increase your visibility with a relatively small budget. This method of advertising brings the promo to your target audience where otherwise they are difficult to reach. Moreover, you’re not only using modern advertising, you’re also thinking about the environment.


In cities, our Belgian Promo Bikes are more accessible and it has been proven that mobile advertising has twice the effect than a static board. The advertising surfaces are double-sided, interchangeable and flexible. Furthermore the LED sign provides extra visibility. Don’t recoil from the wind and weather because our Belgian Promobikes are suitable for all weather conditions because they are covered. We can deploy them immediately for you.


Do you want to see quick results with your product, service, special offer or promotion? Don’t hesitate to contact us!


TIP! We have a team of enthusiastic promoters who are waiting to carry out your campaign by cycling. A flyer action is ideal to combine with the Belgian Promo Bikes.

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